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Strategies to Save Money on Your Credit Cards

The credit cards we use every day provide us with plenty of convenience. However, this convenience usually comes at a cost that can be significantly reduced by adopting different cost-saving measures. The money you will save will help you enjoy other things that are of a higher value to you.

First of all you should look at the interest rate you pay on your credit card. If this rate is above 12% then you should know that you are charged significantly more than you should be. It is a real daylight swindle if you are charged a percentage that reaches 21%, whereas a rate that goes between 9% and 12% is a healthy one. Use one of the many online tools to find credit cards that offer these reasonable interest rates and immediately get rid of the plastics that charge you too much of an interest.

When you find such a low-interest credit card transfer your balances that are in a higher-interest card to it. You can also ask the low-interest credit card for a cash advance and use it to cover your high-interest balances. However, when you transfer from one card to another, carefully read the accompanying documents to check for the fee you will be charged for the transfer.

Another alternative you have for saving money on your credit cards is the use of the savings you have for the purpose of covering the debts you have incurred. However, avoid using all of your cash for this. Since the interest rates you are charged on credit cards are usually significantly higher than the interest you receive on your savings, it is not financially reasonable to keep this money in the account while you are being charged such a high interest rate on your debt. On the other hand, it is not advisable to use your emergency fund to cover your debts so make sure you leave your emergency money.

A home equity loan is suitable in case you don't have enough savings to cover your consumer debts. The reason for this is that they carry lower interest rates than the ones charged on credit cards. If you follow this advice you will derive two benefits:

  1. You reduce your interest rate significantly.
  2. The interest on the home equity loan can be subtracted from the taxable income you have.

In order to save money from your credit cards you can also select cards that don't have fees. However, you should first consider such factors as grace period, interest rate and others. You can always call your bank or issuer and ask for an annual fee waiver if you are charged such a fee.

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