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Cure Your Credit Card Addiction

The wide introduction and development of credit cards have led to many people becoming dependent on them. Some of them can even be described as credit card addicts. There are many factors that point to the conclusion that you are one of those who have become addicted to credit card spending. Some of them include:

  • A great number of credit cards
  • Minimum amount of payment on the credit card balance
  • Credit card limit reached
  • Evasion of other bills payment so that the ones connected with the credit cards are covered
  • Late fees or over the limit fees incurring
  • Existence of credit card loan consolidation for the purpose of balances payment
  • Cash advances withdrawals for the purpose of covering other bills

How do you determine that you are addicted to your credit card? If you experience the factors above, you should seriously reassess your compulsive credit card spending.

In order to heal this credit card addiction, you should take several steps. First of all avoid keeping too much credit cards at hand. This means that you should also try to keep away the many credit cards offered by the companies. In order to stop the numerous offers that you receive monthly you can call the credit bureau not to give your contact details to creditors.

Another thing that you can do to reduce your credit card overspending is to avoid shopping in malls, where temptation is in every corner. If you still like shopping there, go with a particular shopping plan in mind. However, you should remember that the less you expose yourself to malls, the more likely you are to save your credit cards from the presented temptations.

Additionally, to reduce your credit card addiction you should try to cancel your name from the catalog companies. The more you order from such companies, the more your credit cards will suffer, because your contact information will be given to other catalog companies, which will in turn send you their catalog. The pictures that visualize the product usually in the most attractive way are hard to be resisted.

The online shopping is another threat to your credit cards. The pictures provided stimulate your spending desire and most of the time you end up buying things you don't really need. Thus, as is the case with malls, shop online only with a well prepared plan for purchases.

Finally, you should try to strengthen your resistance toward the influences of advertisements. They flood our daily lives, being everywhere around us.

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