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Fixed Rate Mortgages Overview

If you are looking for a mortgage in which you know how much you will pay every month, then fixed rate mortgages may be the answer to your quest. The payments on your loan are fixed since the interest rate is constant over the term.

The monthly payment is calculated by taking into consideration the time period you will need to return the principal and the interest you are charged. The monthly payment is all the same throughout the period. This gives you the opportunity to calculate beforehand how much your housing payments will be.

Two of the most commonly used fixed rate mortgages are the 15-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage and the 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage.

Fixed Rate Mortgages Cons

The major disadvantage of this type of mortgages is that the payment that you make each month can be higher than the one charged on alternative options. This is the cost that you have to pay for the safety of being sure on the future amount of your payments. Since interest rates are dynamic and their values cannot be determined for sure over the long-term, it is reasonable for lenders to charge you these higher rates and consequently higher monthly payments.

Fixed Rate Mortgages Pros

If you think that you can afford the higher monthly payments and are the kind of person that likes budgeting for the future, it may be good to select fixed rate mortgages. They provide you with the convenience of knowing the future value of your interest rate. Additionally, it is recommended that you select them in case you consider the current interest rate being low. Finally, if you plan on keeping the home for a longer time period, this type of loan may be the answer to your loan search.

In order to decide whether fixed rate mortgages are the right ones for you, it is always a good idea to consult with a professional. Additionally, before you apply for a fixed rate mortgage, it is advisable to make some preliminary researches. Examine several lenders by asking for their quotes. Use the referral of relatives and friends and take into account their experience.

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