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Introduction to Insurance Scores

You credit score will also affect the insurance rates and products that will be offered to you. This is made possible due to insurance scores.

Building an Emergency Fund

This article gives you advices on how you should set and manage an emergency fund needed for your personal insurance when financial hardship is experienced.

Introduction to Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

If you cannot afford the required 20% down payment you can use the so called private mortgage insurance (PMI), which assists you into getting the desired home.

Introduction to Variable Annuity

When an annuity is exposed to investments then it is referred to as a variable annuity. In order to make a good decision on whether you should invest in a variable annuity you should make sure you have the needed knowledge for making an educated decision.

Annuities Explained

Annuities can be used as a very useful investment tool for investors who are risk-averse or nearing retirement and cannot endure watching their investments bouncing up and down every day.

Building Financial Security

Accidents happen and we all face risks in our lives. Therefore it is important to have an adequate protection and build your financial security in order to prevent eventual heavy financial losses.