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Negative Credit Card Characteristics to Avoid

The market of credit cards is full of offers some of which good, whereas other not so much. When you select a credit card you should always have in mind that the benefits to the creditor are much more than those provided to the client, even though there are some good credit cards. However, by applying the necessary caution it will be easy to detect the unfair techniques that issuers use.

First of all you should try to avoid credit cards that have unduly high initial fees. You should also look for such fees as:

  • Set-up fee
  • Participation fee
  • Program fee
  • Fee for credit limit increase
  • Fee for additional cards

You should avoid applying for a credit card that has a high minimum APR. When you carry a balance from one month to another you are charged this annual percentage rate. Watch out for credit cards that charge a double digit APR and avoid applying for such.

If you want to build a rich credit report you should not apply for credit cards that don't report your activity to the major credit bureaus. Your credit report will be deprived of the positive payments that you make each month. They will also not be in any way reflected in the calculation of your credit score, which you need when your creditworthiness is evaluated.

Finally, these are only a few of the issues connected with bad credit cards. This means that before you jump into any of the credit cards offered, make a research on the available opportunities so that you select the one that best suits your needs.

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