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Before You Apply for a Student Credit Card

Students are presented numerous offers for credit cards. Before you make your first steps in the credit card field you should acquaint yourself with several important aspects.

Unemployment Deferment Basics

If you are qualified as unemployed you can apply for unemployment deferment which allows you not to make payments on your student loan.

Subsidized Loans Basics

If you are looking for a loan, which will charge you no interest, then you should direct your attention to subsidized loans.

529 College Savings Plans

There are different options if you want to allocate money for the financing of higher education. One of them is through a 529 college savings plan. This article provides an overview of some of the basic characteristics of 529 plans.

Student Loan Consolidation Information

Student loan consolidation can provide you with some additional benefits not found in other debt consolidation programs.

PLUS Loans Overview

In order to get financing of for the education of your child (dependent undergraduate student) you can apply for a PLUS Loan (also known as Parent PLUS Loan).

Perkins Loans Overview

If you need money to finance your education, you can apply for a Perkins Student Loan. Perkins Loans are characterized by low interest rate, which makes them very attractive to students.

Stafford Loans Overview

The funding programs of the US Department of Education provide the opportunity to apply for a Stafford Loan which is known for its easy qualification rules.

In School Deferment Basics

Student loans provide a great possibility to finance your education and make payments for a particular time period while you do your studies, known as in school deferment.

Student Loan Deferment

Student loan deferment can be used as a solution in case a borrower fails to make the required payments on the student loan.

Introduction to Student Loans

If you lack the funds to finance your education you may apply for a student loan. Such loan should not be considered as a financial burden, but instead as an investment.

Credit Cards for College Students

Credit card companies consider students one of their major target groups. However, if you are a college student it is important that you first develop the necessary spending habits before you get your first credit card.