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Stick to Your Budget - Advices to Combat Stores Spending Techniques

Department stores apply combinations of techniques to make customers purchase more than they really need. Additionally, they make clients think that they have made a deal, when in reality this is not the case. There are several advices you can follow so that you don't caught up in the traps of retailers.

Techniques that Trick You into Spending

The tricks department stores use to make you spend more start from the minute you enter the store.

One of these techniques is the provision of shopping carts on the entrance that attract you to fill them in full. Carts provide convenience that is difficult to resist. The mere size of the shopping cart tempts clients to make more and more purchases, because they provide plenty of room for goods.

The way department stores order the items is a technique that makes you go through all other goods until you reach the desired ones. On your way you select other items that are effectively marketed, but you don't actually need. Additionally, the departments that come at the highest profit are usually placed in the beginning and in such a way so that customers encounter them most frequently. The impulse-oriented purchases (such as latest books, DVDs or overpriced beverages), on the other hand, are placed near the checkouts.

What is more, the items with highest prices are placed at the level of the eye so that they are easily noticed. This is done so that expensive items are the first to be noticed, whereas the cheaper ones are placed on the lower shelves. Expensive with cheaper items are additionally mixed and prices are chosen in such a way that it is difficult to compare them.

Big sings of goods trick people into thinking that they are on sale while they are sold at their regular price. "Bins" emulating the bargains at cheaper stores are also placed but the products there are not such a good deal as you are made to think.

These are only few of the techniques department stores use to make you spend more of your hard-earned money.

Tips to Help You Stick to Your Budget

Before starting your shopping you should make a list of goods you really need. Stick to the list so that you become less susceptible to the marketing strategies applied by stores.

Try to avoid using shopping carts whenever possible. The reason for this is that their size tempts people to put more and more in them. On the other hand, carrying a good will make you think whether you really need it.

It is also advisable that you start from the purchase that is farthest in the back. After this proceed to the checkout. Otherwise, you will pass by many other products you don't really need and get caught up in one of the spending techniques of the store.

It is a good advice to use a calculator to easily compare prices. Additionally, always check the items in the bottom shelves first. Just look at the products that seem interesting and pass them by if you don't really need them. Connected with this advice is the recommendation that you avoid looking at a product two times. The first notice is kept in your short-term memory. The second look increases the chances that you will purchase the good.

Now that you have reached the checkout, look at the products you have taken with you. Do you really need all of them? Don't be embarrassed to give back items you are not sure that they are necessary. It is your right as a customer to select what you really need.

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