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Money Sources

No one is insured against being short of money. This article provides you with some good advices on where you can find money in case of need.

We have compiled a list of the most common cases you may need money and potential solutions to the problem. The Internet is full of "problem solvers" that will either waste your time or make you lose some additional money. Look through the list we have made and see to what degree it can be useful to you.

  • Money for a New Home or for Home Improvement

    In order to acquire your dreamed new home you can make a comprehensive research on the available mortgages. Check out our Mortgage and Loans section to learn more about the different types of mortgages, their pros and cons and some useful advices on how to find the best home loan for your needs.

    If the time to refresh you home has come, you can consider a home equity loan, which usually comes at a reasonable rate. Use the web to browse the opportunities offered.

  • Money for a Car

    In case you want to purchase a new car, auto loans are a good solution. However, you should first refer to your budget to see how much you can afford to spend so that you don't mess things up or end up borrowing (consequently owing) more than the value of your car.

  • Money for Education

    If you want to follow a degree, but you don't have enough money, the government will be happy to provide you with such. Another alternative you can consider is to get an education loan from a bank, which is typically associated with low risk level. The Financial Aid department of your school is a good source of information for the available opportunities. Additionally, you can refer to the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

  • Money for a Business Start-Up/Funding

    There are many loans that are provided to small businesses. Make a research and see what you can find, because it is worth the headache in view of the results you can accomplish. 

  • Money for Debt Payment

    Debt consolidation programs can be a good option in such a case. However, you should have in mind that your debts will not be eliminated, but instead will be integrated into another, bigger one. 

If none of the above listed situations apply to you, it may take more efforts and time to get the money you need. However, you should not lose hope, because there are ways in which you can borrow the money.

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